Members have the opportunity to take on leadership roles ranging from President to Social Chair. Currently, there are seven leadership positions, and those interested are strongly encouraged to shadow our team!

Our members are a varied group of working professionals: realtors, attorneys, web-designers, contractors, bankers, CPAs and more.  Some of us own our business while others are employees looking to boost sales and other networking opportunities.

Alice Foeller

CEO, SiteInSight

(Past President)
We work with organizations and businesses to help them communicate to their clients effectively online, maximizing visitors and revenues. We write blog articles, publish on social media, create email newsletters, improve search ranking, build Google ads and more.

Phone: +1 614 887 7483

Tom Crumrine

Crumrine Financial Services

Tom started his insurance agency from scratch in 1992 in Lexington, Kentucky, with a phone and list. During his early years in the insurance business, Tom expanded his agency by adding an office in Morganfield, Kentucky. In 2003 Tom moved back home to Westerville, Ohio. The Customers before Companies motto was developed recently with his shift to becoming an independent agent. Once Tom figured out the independent side of the game, it just made sense. “Let’s put customers before the companies.”

Phone: +1 614 545 0017

K Cody Martin

PNC Mortgage

(Vice President)
Mortgage Originator with PNC Bank.
We specialize in lending needs for individuals interested in purchasing residential real estate or refinancing.
Located in Columbus, Ohio but able to assist clients in all 50 states.

Phone: +1 614 463 6505

Gary Stentz

Stentz Law, LLC.

Providing Outside General Counsel and Legal Services with a law practice focused on Business, Real Estate, and Estate and Probate law.

Phone: +1 614 956 5945

Joseph (Joe) Lotozo

Joseph (Joe) Lotozo

Finacial Advisor, Edward Jones

(Speaker Coordinator)
As an Edward Jones financial advisor, I want to understand what’s important to you. I use an established process to build personalized strategies to help you reach your goals.

Phone: +1 614 282 8899

Kelly Armstrong

Kelly Armstrong

Be Whole Financial Enterprise LLC

(Membership Chair)
Be Whole Financial Enterprise. The credit score improvement queen. We help clients get out of the credit hole to Be Whole.

Phone: +1 614 379 2636

Kevin Holley

Kevin Holley

Business Consultant, Exit Velocity

Helping small businesses analyze processes and create solutions in order to help them meet their goals.

Phone: +1 708 516 5255

Lisa Marie Grasso

Heartland Payments

(Social Events Chair)
Heartland Payments. Local service and products for small to midsize businesses. A direct Processor/Payroll Company providing contactless payments, ecommerce, Point of Sale Equipment and HR services.

Phone: +1 614 668 5922

Maggie Chudik

Maggie Chudik

Coldwell Banker King Thompson

Real Estate Agent for the Chudik Group, helping families buy and sell their most important asset in their life…their home.

Phone: +1 614 554 4702

Shankar Ramachandran

President, Your Webster LLC

(Referral Chair)
Websites to grow your business; eCommerce, Databases, Web Applications, Web Design and more. We are polite but we want to help you eat your competitors’ lunch.

Phone: +1 614 537 7574

NPC offers benefits beyond sales. Through our presentation, members learn innovations being developed in other industries, changes in regulations, and strategies for increasing and keeping good clients. Members challenge each other to continually learn soft skills, networking techniques, and recognizing growth opportunities.