NPC has been phenomenal in that it’s challenged my way of thinking by being able to learn what other business owners and professionals are dealing with overtime. It’s allowed me to use their skills, knowledge, and approach in helping form my business to become as successful as possible. Furthermore, it’s helped me be able to be there for my clients because the group contains “go-to” people that I trust to give me honest feedback and direction.
Skip Ivery

When I first returned to Columbus, I sought a networking group that was not just about socializing, but one that was about genuinely giving and receiving business referrals. Since joining Network Professional of Columbus, I have not only benefited from the referral process, I have met and worked with such great people and professionals that care. NPC has provided me with an opportunity to develop strong business relationships, that have not only benefited me, but have also been of benefit for my clients, associates, and friends. NPC and its members have been a blessing!
Kevin Holley

NPC of Columbus Ohio is a fantastic group of business professionals. I have been a part of many networking groups during my work career. NPC is the first group that I have had the pleasure of working with that has been instrumental in helping me grow my portfolio in business relationships and friendships. The group really is “Entrepreneurs Respectfully Serving Entrepreneurs” I am blessed to have been invited to expand my business with these strong individuals. It is educational and financially rewarding. I recommend the group to anyone who is looking for a way to grow your business along with your networking circle. It truly is a WIN, WIN group.
Lisa Grasso

Since joining Network Professional of Columbus in early 2009, NPC has provided an opportunity to develop strong business relationships, sharpen my presentation skills, and provided our business, home, family and friends with valuable, trusted, service partners. Whether it is be sharing a Real Estate Agent with longtime friends, financing a second home in another state, making the right decision on a new furnace, painting our home, preparing our children for college or helping with a flooded basement. NPC has also provided us with a number of long-term business relationships, which are the foundation of a strong business. Since joining Blue Marlin Graphics has seen over $600, 000 in sales leads from NPC.
Chris Engel

When looking for organizations to join 10 years ago, to help develop a solid foundation in my business network, I found Networking professionals of Columbus. The unique membership categories and one on one relationships allowed me to establish a web of professionals, of whom I can refer to my clients. This organization has allowed me to not only leverage this web of professionals, but also become a direct referral partner for its members. The benefits long outweigh the financial obligations and the relationships only add to these.
Cody Martin

I joined the group when one our partners was unable to attend one week. I was immediately hooked. This group is not just about shaking hands, they have a genuine investment in making each other better-through referrals, tips on how to succeed as a business, how to improve as an individual and also the newest information on employment law, taxes, soft skills awareness, inclusivity and more.
Heidi Steinke Meade

As a twelve-year member of NPC I feel the value has come from a solid and consistent group of advisors that I rely on to help run our organization using their specific services. Additionally, I consult members for advice and direction on topics related to the day-to-day aspects of our operation. With such a diverse group of members it has allowed me to make better more informed decisions based on their feedback. The time you dedicate to this organization will provide you a group of talented and respected business relationships that you can depend on week to week as you move your company or organization forward.
Ken Habegger

Being a business owner can be lonely. Although the primary purpose of a networking group is to grow revenues (and NPC has certainly supported me in growing my revenues!) I also really look at the members as “colleagues” and find it very helpful to have others I can ask for advice and speak with candidly about the challenges and triumphs of being a business owner.
Alice Foeller

The NPC group has offered support in many areas. Each member has influenced my operational decisions. The vast knowledge of the group encompasses all aspects of business. It is nice to have friendly faces that offer encouragement from many different perspectives. I don’t think any question about business has gone unanswered. The group is very willing to dig deep to find the answers needed.
Bob Reeves

I enjoy being apart of NPC because of the educational knowledge each industry provides weekly on how to run a successful business. I appreciate the confidence each member has with trusting our company to handle their referrals in a professional manner knowing our companies ultimate goal is to help raise clients’ scores so they can have better lifestyle options.
Kelly Armstrong, Be Whole Financial Enterprise LLC

NPC offers benefits beyond sales. Through our presentation, members learn innovations being developed in other industries, changes in regulations, and strategies for increasing and keeping good clients. Members challenge each other to continually learn soft skills, networking techniques, and recognizing growth opportunities.